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Everyone's computing environment is unique. For this reason, Onsite One provides different modes of services in order to compensate for our clients' unique needs.

On-call Service Appointments
On-call Service Appointments are intended for those who only require quick, reliable service on a call-by-call basis... No contracts to sign. Onsite One ensures that a technician will be onsite within 24 hours from the initial service request. The On-call Service rate is a flat $90 per hour. Unlike some other computer service companies, we charge the same flat rate whether you need desktop PC support, server support, or disaster data recovery, for example.
To set an appointment, please contact 1-866-45-GURUS (48787) or e-mail

Project Packages
Project Packages are bundled service-labor hours at volume discounts - much like pre-paid phone cards. Project Packages are pre-paid hours of fast, quality service rendered by an experienced pc technician who can be used for any computer-related task. The following packages are available which feature an increasing range of included hours. Larger packages grant our clients bigger savings over the standard "On-call Service" hourly rate.
Financing options are available for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Project Packages.

Additional benifits of our Project Packages include, a FREE comprehensive IT audit, renewal bonuses, 1 month of FREE phone & e-mail support, and priority access to local IT partners and technology specialists networks.

Project Package Included Labor Reduced Rate Savings
Silver 5 Hours $80 per hour 11%
Gold 20 Hours $75 per hour 17%
Platinum 50 Hours $70 per hour 22%

Maintenance Plans
Maintenance Plans are extended service agreements which are intended for our residential and commercial clients who desire consistent repair and maintenance without the inflated cost of in-house IT personnel. Many of our clients find that investing in as little as $20 - $70 per month for maintained IT support under a Maintenance Plan is much more practical than paying a $5,000+ per month salary to hire a single IT individual. With a maintenance plan through Onsite One, you have a team of PC experts available who you can rely on to keep your network and servers running smoothly.

Our most popular maintenance plan is the "Standard" schedule.
Under this plan, a technician will visit you four (4) times within a year's period. Important maintenance procedures will be rendered including pop-ups, ad, and spy software removal, file & memory optimization, hard disk scan & defragmentation, software updates, and virus scan. All work is billed at a flat $75/hr rate.
In addition, all requests for IT services outside the scope of maintenance while on a maintenance plan are still billed at the same reduced rate!

Additional benifits of our Maintenance Plans include, a FREE comprehensive IT audit, renewal bonuses, FREE unlimited phone & e-mail support, and priority access to local IT partners and technology specialists networks.

Maintenance Plan Visits per Year Reduced Rate Savings
BASIC 3 visits $80 per hour 11%
STANDARD* 4 visits $75 per hour 17%
ADVANCED 6 visits $70 per hour 22%
PROFESSIONAL 13 visits $65 per hour 28%

For more information concerning Onsite One's Project Packages or Maintenance Plans,
please send all inquiries to

* Most popular by our clients

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