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For Your Home and Business Systems

>> Welcome:

Our mission at Onsite One is to bring the tools and experience of large corporation service and support to the home and to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide computer expertise to a those who choose not to have a fulltime "IT Person" or "Information Technology" department.

We are very client oriented, and we understand the value of keeping an eye on the bottom line. Therefore, we take pride in offering our services at extremely competitive rates.

Our Expertise includes Windows desktop and laptop PCs running Windows 7 and earlier Microsoft operating system as well as smartphones from all cellphone carriers that run Google's Android operating system.

Onsite One adapts its support services to match your needs by providing various modes of services:

  • "On-Call" - 7days/wk, call-by-call basis, professional on-site support
  • "Remote" - Remotely service your system from anywhere around the world
  • "Maintenance Plans" - maintenance programs at reduced rates
  • "Project Packages" - bundled service-labor hours at volume discounts
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Local: 480-270-4009
Toll Free: 1-866-45-GURUS (48787)


>> Services:

In addition to fast and courteous onsite PC repair service, Onsite One also provides quality IT solutions that include:

  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Custom Built Systems
  • New Computer Systems Analysis
  • Computer Systems Upgrades
  • Internet & E-mail Setup
  • Virus Prevention & Cleaning
  • Spyware Prevention & Cleaning
  • Junk Email Prevention & Filtering
  • Computer & Network Security
  • Network Domain Setup
  • Workgroup Administration
  • One-on-One Computer Training
  • Phone & E-mail Tech Support
  • Technical Documentation
  • Software Licensing Management
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